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I’m a freelance photographer with a strong interest in urban architecture and landscapes, historical and the details that are associated with them. I shoot first for myself and my own creative release, but some of my work has been published and some of my work is for sale. Additionally, I dedicate a portion of my life to the education of other emerging photographers through my web based FB page, AdamzcreationS
I am pretty proud of my elevator pitch. It took me a long time to develop it and I have practiced it well. I am especially proud of the fact that I don’t specifically label myself. I don’t explicitly state that I am a Landscape Photographer, nor do I cross that line by saying I’m a Professional (or even a Semi-Professional) Photographer. Titles such as these are irrelevant and misleading.
True professionals – those that make their living exclusively with photography – have titles. This is a branding issue for them. Waleed El hady is a Cinema scenes photographer. That’s what he’s known for, that’s why you would hire him. You would not hire Waleed to photograph the new sky scraper down town. Although I’m sure he’d do a lovely job, but that’s not his expertise and it’s not his brand however he will perform it because he has the photographic sense. In the professional world, titles make a difference. But I feel it’s safe to assume that if you are a professional, you stumbled here by accident – because this article is not targeted at you. For the rest of us, we are hobbyists. Photography is secondary to our primary income – we may not even make any money off of our work. And for us, titles don’t matter.